Installing System Center Orchestrator 2019

This isn’t a step by step guide as most of the install is just clicking through the wizard. I wanted to cover some of the additional steps and pre-reqs that aren’t necessarily called out in Microsofts documentation.

Microsoft docs for 2019-

There is also some helpful information in the 2012 docs not covered in the newer docs but still applicable –

For this install I have all of the roles on a single Windows 2019 server except for the SQL database which is hosted on a different server. This helps with issue where SCORCH can’t make a connection with the database after a reboot which can cause scheduled jobs to fail.


  • AD Group for SCORCH users so that permissions can be assigned

After running the installer you will need to add a Windows Firewall rule on the server to allow remote access for the Runbook Designer. Otherwise users will get a RPC Server Unavailable error when trying to connect.

  • Other than selecting a port rule and entering the specific ports (49152-65535), all other settings are the default
  • After creating this rule you will want to go into the properties and limit it to the Orchestrator Management Service-
    • %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft System Center\Orchestrator\Management Server\ManagementService.exe

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